Laurie Monteleone MA CCH: Healing With Homeopathy

Possible Remedy Responses and What You Can Do

You feel more tired than usual.

This could mean your body is concentrating its energy on the healing process and you can help by resting and/or sleeping more (going to bed earlier at night and/or taking a nap in the day). You may also want to cut out all caffeine and alcohol to encourage this process further.

You experience a worsening of one or more of your symptoms.

This may be a good sign. Keep notes of what happens and call me if you need reassurance or advice.

Your moods are changeable or surprising.

Some people find that their moods are more unpredictable after homeopathic treatment. You may feel calmer, or you may experience an increase in irritability or sadness - feelings that you may have "stuffed" in the past.

If you are experiencing difficulty in expressing your emotions, call me. I may be able to recommend an adjunct therapy to support your process, or provide insight into how you can process the emotions that are coming up for you on your own.

You experience a return of old symptoms.

If you become ill in between consultations with symptoms that are familiar to you and you are concerned about how long they will last, or would like advice on how to manage them, please contact me.

You fall ill with an acute illness.

Call me if you would like homeopathic treatment, or, if you would like the names and numbers of the holistic MD's in our area.

No response.

If your impression is that the remedy is not having any affect, come in for a follow-up and I will re-evaluate your case. Sometimes people are not aware of the effects of the remedy until I ask them in-depth questions about their symptom picture. Other times people are doing something to antidote the effects of the remedy. Still other times, the remedy or remedy potency needs to be changed.

Please keep notes of anything unusual or different that happens between consultations, along with the dates, as this information is meaningful to me and will enable me to track your progress more effectively. I am especially interested in any changes in your energy, your moods, your appetite, any significant dreams, as well of course, changes in your symptoms.

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