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Throat Opener Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to open up the throat area and let mental and emotional material discharge out through the skin. I often recommend this exercise for clients when they have a sore throat, or when they test for homeopathic remedies that involve blocks to being the truth sayer, or past trauma around owning and expressing one's authentic voice.

This includes (but is not limited to) the following remedies:

  • Lachesis - demonized for being the truth sayer, breaking from the party line, or expressing shadow content - grief, self-pity, sarcasm, cynicism, anger, etc.
  • Mercurius Solubilis - silenced by the oppressive dictator or pervasive dogma, brooding and paralyzed with pent up rage, harboring deep feelings of agitation - the smoldering anger of the explosive revolutionary.
  • Kali Carbonicum - reprimanded and shamed for departing from convention, for being non-compliant in a rigid rule structure.

The overall idea is to give the mind-body-spirit system a safe outlet to discharge suppressed material. This is done off-line (that is, in the safe and private framework of self-healing) so that it doesn't "leak out" accidentally in real interactions with others.

Once the material is processed through, the mind-body-spirit system re-organizes itself. This includes the nerves in the neck and throat area - as well as the central nervous system and the rest of the body.

This is an exercise that is free and doesn't hurt anyone. And, it can be fun. Play with it. Make it your own and see what works for you.


In practice, the exercise goes like this…..

Tilt your head back to expose your throat area. Imagine the nerves in your neck area and the nerves surrounding your throat area relaxing. As you do this you may feel your throat relax out a bit, maybe bulging out with your out-breath.

Then imagine that all of the thoughts and feelings you have pent up are now leaking out of your throat, directly through your skin and are being released out into the air.

You don't have to have specific words in mind - just the feeling that your thoughts and feelings are coming out of your throat.

You might feel feelings coming up and out - despair, anger, accusation, confusion, grief. Again, you don't have to put words to these feelings. Just imagine them releasing through your skin and discharging out.

As you're doing this you can use your hands to pull imaginary "stuff" out of your throat. Grab the "stuff" on the outside of your throat and fling it out into the air. Be Italian. Use your hands. Have fun with it.

If the material feels very toxic you can imagine that fire is coming out of your throat, or knives or bullets are coming out. If that imagery is too violent for you, imagine something more palatable to you like cotton balls, or feathers, or water. Feel free to be creative and use whatever imagery works for you.

And, don't be shy. It's just a discharge exercise. You're not hurting anyone and you'll be much more freed up (both your throat area and how you're feeling mentally and emotionally) once you've released the material. So, sink into it and let it move through you.

Continue the exercise until you feel your throat area open up and empty. Eventually you'll get the feeling that there is nothing more to discharge - and then you'll know you're done with this exercise.

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