Laurie Monteleone MA CCH: Healing With Homeopathy

Consultation Fees


The fee for an initial consult is $220 for the first two hours, plus my standard rate of $90 per hour prortated for any additional time. Most initial consults run between two and two and half hours - so, if you're considering making an appointment for an initial consult, plan on the fee being between $220 and $265.

(Note that I always spend about twenty to thirty minutes talking with prospective new clients on the phone before scheduling an initial consult to discern whether we're a good match or not - and I don't charge a fee for this time.)


Most chronic situations require a follow-up about once every four to six weeks. Follow-ups are typically one hour long and the fee for both adults and children is $90. If we go over an hour, my standard rate of $90 per hour applies, so an additional half hour would be $45. Most follow-ups take between 60 and 90 minutes, so if you're budgeting for on-going homeopathic care, plan on $90-$135 per month, plus the cost of the remedies and supplements (usually an additional $7-$20).

Phone calls

If you have a simple question that takes five minutes or less there is no charge. For phone calls between consults that go longer than ten minutes, I charge my standard rate of $90 an hour. This means the fee is typically $10 plus a dollar per minute, so a ten minute phone call is $20 and a thirty minute phone call is $45.

Family rate

If I'm working with two or more family members on a regular basis, the fee for each additional family member varies depending on the circumstances - how many family members I'm making recommendations for, what the presenting issues are, how long the consults take, etc. Talk with me and I'll give you an idea for your situation.