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Commonly Recommended Remedies for Musculo-Skeletal Complaints

About this information...

  • Match determines results - This is a list of seven of the most commonly recommended remedies for musculo-skeletal complaints. Know that in homeopathy the goal is to find the remedy that most closely matches your symptom picture. If you select the best match, the remedy will stimulate a healing response. If you select a match which is close, but not on target, you might experience some improvement, but it won't be optimal. If you select a remedy that doesn't match at all, you will most likely have no reaction whatsoever.
  • Your optimal remedy may not be included here - Also know that in homeopathy the remedy that most closely matches your symptom picture could be one of 1000 different remedies. I am only listing seven of the most commonly recommended here. If you think you might need a remedy not listed here, call me or come in for a consultation and I'll use muscle testing and interviewing to identify it. You can also roll up your sleeves and do some self-study using the books listed below.
  • When in doubt, select a low potency - Any of the remedies listed below can be found at your local health food stores. When in doubt, select the lower potency for a particular remedy (6X or 6C). When confident of your selection and when the discomfort is more intense (e.g. the individual is in great pain), select the medium potency for the remedy (30X or 30C).

Precautions about this information....

  • Retrace back to acute phase - Often times during the healing process, the body will retrace chronic physical and emotional symptoms back to the original acute state of the symptom. If this happens, your physical symptoms may be temporarily heightened. This is often a necessary part of the healing process and should not be cause for alarm. If you are concerned, call me or speak with another professional homeopath.  (For more information on what to expect from taking a homeopathic remedy, see Frequently Asked Questions about What to Expect.) 
  • Do not use homeopathy in place of needed medical help - Homeopathic remedies do not have side-effects. The real risk in using homeopathy is when it is chosen at the exclusion of conventional diagnosis and treatment. Be conservative, when in doubt about any ailment, seek the advice of your M.D.

For further study...

  • Much of this information was derived from personal and professional experience and from the book "Desktop Guide to Keynote and Confirmatory Symptoms", by Roger Morrison, MD.
  • For further self-study of the use of homeopathy in the care of musculoskeletal complaints, see also "Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing", by Asa Hershoff, ND, DC, Dhom.
  • Other recommended texts for the homeopathic beginners include: "Homeopathic Self-Care", by Robert Ullman, N.D., and Judyth Reichenberg Ullman, N.D., and "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook", by Miranda Castro.

Summary of Remedies

  • Arnica - first remedy to think of for any injury or trauma to the body.
  • Rhus Tox - for stiffness and arthritic pain that is better with warming up.
  • Bryonia - when the stiffness or pain is worse with the slightest movement.
  • Hypericum - when there is an injury to the nerves, or compression pain in the back.
  • Causticum - for carpal tunnel syndrome, or any repetitive motion injury.
  • Ruta Graveolens - for injury to connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, etc.) or smaller joints.
  • Ledum - when arthritic pain is better with cold application.


  • Made from the plant Arnica Montana, also called Leopard's Bane.
  • For any trauma to the body, including sprains, strains, bruises (e.g. sports injuries, car accidents, minor bumps and bruises, etc.).
  • Immediately after or long after any injury (days, weeks, months, or even years).
  • Before and after any surgery or dental work.
  • Black and blue marks, abrasions, inflammation, stiffness, etc.
  • Bruised sensation, feels beaten up.
  • Mentally/emotionally, the individual feels shocked, bruised, anxious, oversensitive and irritable - averse to anyone touching him/her and tries to send the doctor away.

Rhus Tox

  • Made from the plant Rhus Toxicodendron, also called Poison Oak.
  • Stiffness in the body which is worse in the morning, worse with initial movement, but better with warming up.
  • Sometimes referred to as the "rusty hinge" remedy. Any back pain or stiffness which improves as the individual stretches, moves around, exercises lightly.
  • Back or joint pain better with heat, better with hot showers or baths, better with hard pressure and massage.
  • All symptoms worse with cold and cold wet weather, and with sitting still.
  • Craves cold milk, and may have redness on the tip of their tongue.
  • Restlessness in bed at night.
  • Mentally/emotionally, the individual seems cheerful and restless; the mind jumps from subject to subject; also, there is usually great anxiety for the well being of their children (or may be pets, employees, etc.).
  • May also be superstitious, timid, impatient, hurried and suffer from compulsive disorder.


  • Made from the plant Bryonia Alba, also called White Bryony.
  • All symptoms worse with motion.
  • Arthritis with pains worse from the slightest motion, worse from a jar or being bumped.
  • All symptoms worse with cold, better with heat and pressure.
  • Rheumatism and stiffness of muscles and joints.
  • Injury; fracture or sprain with pain from the slightest movement.
  • Thirst for large quantities, especially beer.
  • Mentally/emotionally the individual is preoccupied with business matters, has anxiety about the future, and great concerns about money.


  • Made from the plant Hypericum Perforatum, also called St. John's Wort.
  • Injuries to the nerves.
  • Sharp shooting pains that radiate out.
  • Injuries to the spine, the coccyx, the teeth, the tips of the fingers.
  • Before and after dental treatment which affects the nerves.
  • Compression pains in the spine, in which the nerves feel compressed by the discs.
  • Mentally/emotionally the individual may feel irritable and depressed, and frightened by the shock of the injury itself. The depression with this remedy is one of compression, as if their spirit is compressed by their life circumstances.


  • Made from Potassium Hydrate.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, or any repetitive motion injury.
  • Contraction and shortening of flexor tendons and muscle; tendons feel tight tight tight.
  • Tearing, drawing pain, burning, rawness in tendons or joints.
  • Trembling, twitching, cramps, especially on the right side.
  • Arthritis of the hands and fingers.
  • Cervical tension, spondylosis, torticollis (tight neck and shoulders).
  • Symptoms especially present on the right side, but may also be on the left.
  • All symptoms worse in dry, cold weather, worse in the evening, worse abrupt movement.
  • All symptoms better warmth and gentle motion.
  • Mentally/emotionally the individual is extremely sympathetic toward the suffering of others, and feels incensed by the injustice and oppression that they feel has created the suffering. This individual is likely to be interested in politics, in standing up to authority figures, political activism, etc.
  • Often the outer oppression is a mirror of their own inner oppressiveness, which keeps them in a job or life circumstance they hate, but is rationalized by a domineering inner authority.
  • The individual also carries great sadness and grief from past oppression and disappointments. The individual may also suffer from compulsiveness (checking and rechecking) and stammering.


  • Made from the plant Ledum Palustre, also called Marsh Tea, or Wild Rosemary.
  • Rheumatic pains and stiffness which is better by cold and cold applications.
  • Bites and insect stings, with much swelling and inflammation.
  • Puncture wounds, especially stepping on a nail. (Ledum is sometimes considered a preventative for tetanus.)
  • The individual is chilly, yet all symptoms are generally better with cold applications and bathing.
  • Individual is much worse in the heat of the bed, and often has a great urge to soak his/her feet in cold or icy water.
  • Face may be "mottled, puffy and bloated."
  • Mentally/emotionally, the individual is usually cross and surly.
  • Individual may also have a history of alcoholism.

Ruta Graveolens

  • Made from the plant Ruta Graveolens, also called Rue.
  • For acute tendonitis, bursitis, and/or injury to ligaments or other connective tissues.
  • Injuries to the tendons, from strains or twisting of joints which results in a stiff bruised pain.
  • For bruised and sore pains with stiffness.
  • All pains worse cold damp weather, worse exertion, and better lying down.
  • For low back pain and sciatica.
  • Parts feel "as if broken", beaten sensation.
  • Chronic overuse or injury to tendons causing fibrosis, and nodular growths, especially common in the wrists.
  • Eye strain; general stiffness about the eyes caused by and worse from exerting the vision, especially doing fine work, such as needlepoint, watch repair, or reading fine print.
  • Mentally/emotionally the individual is usually anxious, irritable, remorseful, quarrelsome, and suspicious. (anxious - that they might bring on another physical injury from overuse or another emotional/physical injury from inner or outer conflict; irritable - that they have to deal with the injury or stiffness; remorseful - that they contributed to the injury in some way; quarrelsome - within themselves or with another; suspicious - of letting down their guard lest they be injured again).

Name that remedy quiz....

  1. I sprained my wrist about six months ago, and it still feels stiff.
  2. My wrists feel tired, achy, and raw - I think it's a result of all the typing I'm required to do at that damn job of mine. I so wish I could quit.
  3. I bruised my knee this past weekend when playing soccer. It's all black and blue.
  4. I feel stiff in the morning, but I'm fine once I move around and limber up.
  5. My ankle feels better when I don't move it.
  6. I just came from the dentist and my teeth are still smarting.
  7. Don't put those warm towels on my back. My rheumatism feels better with towels soaked in ice cold water.


  1. Ruta Graveolens (Arnica may also be appropriate)
  2. Causticum
  3. Arnica
  4. Rhus Tox
  5. Bryonia
  6. Hypericum
  7. Ledum

Name that remedy quiz again...

  1. My Achilles' tendon is so tight. No matter how much I stretch it, I can't get it to loosen up.
  2. I accidentally smashed my finger tips in a drawer this morning - feels like I injured the nerves.
  3. I feel so stiff sitting in that desk of mine all day long. I just keep wanting to get up and stretch.
  4. I skinned my left leg sliding into third base last night. Now my leg is one big bruise.
  5. My back pain feels worse lately. I've been so busy working to make sure my business is in order and the bills are paid, but it does feel nice to just lay here totally still.
  6. My body feels stiff and beaten. I'm sure it's the result of that car accident I was in last month.
  7. This @#$^%$ rheumatism - it really irks me in this hot weather when I'm laying in bed at night. I can't sleep with a darn with my bedroom so hot. I just lay there and feel hot and sticky and itchy all night.

Answers again...

  1. Causticum
  2. Hypericum
  3. Rhus Tox
  4. Arnica
  5. Bryonia
  6. Ruta Graveolens (Arnica may also apply)
  7. Ledum

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