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Suppliers of Homeopathic Remedies

  • Merit Homeopathic Pharmacy - (part of Knowllwood Pharmacy), Merit has the largest stock of homeopathic remedies in the San Fernando Valley and will have the recommended remedy and potency about 75% of the time. They ship phone orders Monday through Saturday and usually do a great job of shipping out within the day. (Located just east of Balboa Blvd., 16911 San Fernando Mission Blvd., Granada Hills.) (818) 831-1727
  • Whole Foods - They carry the 6C and 30C potency for 80 commonly recommended remedies. I can usually tell you if they will have what you're looking for - or you can call their nutrition department check. (Located at the corner of Moorpark Road and Wilbur Road, 740 N. Moorpark Rd., Thousand Oaks.) (805) 777-4730
  • Lassens Health Food Store - Lassens carries the same stock of 80 remedies that Whole Foods carries (in the 6C and 30C potencies), a few 30X potency remedies and just a handful of higher potency remedies (200C). Again, I can usually let you know if they'll have the remedy I'm recommending. When in doubt, call ahead to see if they have what you need. (Located in The Lakes shopping center, 2150 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks.) (805) 495-2609
  • Hahnnemann Labs - This is a manufacturing company in northern California that ships directly to the public - and they often have remedies that are rare and difficult to find elsewhere. I can usually let you know if the remedy I recommend for you is one you'll need to buy from Hahnemann. Note that they offer a $2 discount if you order from them on-line instead of calling. Also note that not all of their remedies are listed on their website. (Some require a phone call from a professional homeopath for approval.) If you don't see the remedy I recommended for you on their website, call them directly to place your order. (888) 427-6422 (
  • Warner Plaza Pharmacy - They have about 50 of the most commonly recommended remedies in 6C, 30C and 200C potencies. This is a relatively small supply for a homeopathic pharmacy but they do a great job in terms of customer service. Located at the corner of Ventura Blvd. and Topanga Canyon Blvd., 21773 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills.) (818) 348-0524
  • S & J Pharmacy - S & J often carries the needed remedy and potency and also has great customer service. They ship orders Monday through Friday. (Located just north of Roscoe Blvd., 8415 Reseda Blvd., Northridge.) (818) 700-2956
  • Capitol Drugs - Capitol has a fairly large supply of remedies and potencies and they ship orders once per week. (Located in the In & Out shopping center just north of Ventura Blvd., 4454 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks.) (818) 905-8338
  • Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy - They have one of the largest stocks of remedies on the west side, and they ship Monday through Friday. (Located at the corner of 7th street and Broadway, 629 Broadway, Santa Monica.) (310) 395-1131
  • Apothecary Pharmacy - They have a smaller supply than Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy and they ship orders Monday through Saturday. (Located at the corner of National and Barrington, 11700 National Blvd., West Los Angeles.) (310) 737-7277
  • Valencia Pharmacy - They also ship orders Monday through Friday. (Located at 25050 Peachland Ave., Newhall.) (661) 255-6217

Manufacturers of Remedies

  • Boiron, Simi Valley - (805) 582-9091
  • Standard Homeopathy, Gardena, CA and Pennsylvania (800) 234-8879

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